About the Lowry Foundation

The Lowry Foundation’s mission is to preserve the legacy and spirit of Lowry.

Celebrating 25 years of serving the community!
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Board Members

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of our dedicated group of Lowry residents, business owners, and community leaders who all share a vested interest in the legacy and community of the Lowry neighborhood.  Click on each Board Member’s name to read their bio.

Tim Vacca

Vice Chair

Barbara Volpe


Karen House



Board Member

Evan Lasky

Immediate Past-Chair

Dennis Head

Board Member

Kristin Salenger

Board Member

Olivia Thompson

Board Member

Barbara Williams

Board Member


Lowry Foundation Staff Members


Jeane Larkins

Interim Executive Director

History of The Lowry Foundation

After the closure of Lowry Air Force Base in 1994, The Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) was formed to lead the transformation of the old military base into a new mixed-use community. Four years later, based on a Resolution of the LRA’s Board of Directors, The Lowry Foundation was born.

The Lowry Foundation was incorporated on April 30, 1998 and received its 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service in June 1998. The Articles of Incorporation state that the primary purpose of The Lowry Foundation is as follows:

To assist the Lowry Economic Redevelopment Authority in fulfilling its purposes, including but not limited to, raising revenue for the purpose of constructing public improvements, including parks, recreational and athletic facilities, within or for the benefit of the Lowry Community.

The early work of The Lowry Foundation was primarily purchasing and installing a collection of public art pieces for Lowry parks that was funded, through LRA, by one of the Denver Urban Renewal Authority’s (DURA) “percent-for-art” programs. The Foundation currently owns and maintains 13 pieces of art that dot the Lowry Community and additional art and structures that populate the Lowry Reading Garden.

Then, in 2008, the Lowry Redevelopment Authority transferred ownership of the historic Eisenhower Chapel to The Foundation which has had sole responsibility for the Chapel’s maintenance and use for the last eleven years. This Chapel is especially important because it is on the National Register of Historic Places and was designated an historic landmark in 1981 by the Landmark Commission. Under The Foundation’s management, the nondenominational Chapel has become Lowry’s Town Hall and is the site of such events as lectures, concerts, meetings, church services, movies, weddings and funerals.

Since the beginning, the stated mission of The Lowry Foundation has been to enhance the quality of life and public spaces in Lowry. In addition to the artwork and Chapel, The Foundation has worked to achieve its mission by providing a free lecture series, a small community grants program and an Art Show and Sale among other activities. In 2019, in an acknowledgement of the unique intersection of Lowry’s history and its new form as an urban community, The Foundation board approved a restated mission” to preserve the legacy and strengthen the community of Lowry”. This restatement has led to a new emphasis on rehabilitating the Chapel structure, offering tours of the historic Air Force sites that still exist in the community, and in 2019 planning the 25th anniversary celebration which commemorate the closing of the Air Force Base and the birth of the Lowry Community. In addition, a new Silver Ropes Volunteer Corps has been launched that is reminiscent of a Silver Ropes group that existed on the old Air Force Base.

The Lowry Foundation office is located at
The Historic Eisenhower Chapel
293 Roslyn Street

Denver, CO 80230
The Lowry Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
501(c)(3) EIN #84-1439521