Eisenhower Chapel in Denver

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The non-demoninational historic Eisenhower Chapel is available to rent for weddings, quinceañeras, memorials, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, other religious celebrations, community events, school functions, meetings, film viewings, and more. Please get in touch, and let us start planning with you! The Lowry Foundation honors diversity and inclusivity. All are welcome at the historic Eisenhower Chapel. 

Tours by appointment only.

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About the Chapel

Eisenhower Chapel in the Lowry Town Center in east Denver, Colorado.

A historical treasure, this beautifully restored military chapel seats 175-200 and is available to rent for weddings, memorials, bar or bat mitzvahs, community events, religious services, concerts, school functions, meetings, films, and more. Charming, intimate and conveniently located, the Eisenhower Chapel is one of Denver’s most historic venues for services and events. The spacious sanctuary is ideal for larger events and a second-floor loft, fit for 12-18, is perfect for meetings.

The Eisenhower Chapel was one of the four original chapels on the now re-purposed Lowry Air Force Base. It is the home of The Lowry Foundation, is on the National Register of Historic Places and was designated a historic landmark by the Landmark Commission. The Lowry Foundation owns the chapel and is responsible for its care and maintenance. Please consider donating to help us take care of the chapel, click here to donate.

Visit the Chapel

The Eisenhower Chapel is owned and operated by The Lowry Foundation.
We are available to give you a tour by appointment only.

Eisenhower Chapel
293 Roslyn Street
Denver, CO 80230

Historic Site

And yes, Ike was here!  Visitors to the chapel can see photos and other memorabilia from the days when Lowry was an Air Force Base. President Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie, spent some of the summers of his presidency in Denver, and attended some services at the Chapel.

The Chapel is on the National Register of Historic Places and was designated an historic landmark in December of 1981 by the Landmark Commission.

The Chapel Holds Many Memories

The Eisenhower Chapel has meant a great deal to many people – hundreds of airmen over the years between the time that Lowry Air Force Base opened in 1935 and closed in 1994. The last chaplain to hold services in the Chapel before Lowry Air Force Base was decommissioned told us, “While I was at Lowry the Eisenhower Chapel stood at a corner of the base with few other buildings near it … mainly soccer fields were nearby. Today, it stands like an island in a modern development of shops and dwellings, but still offers a place of worship, prayer, and meeting. I’m so grateful it is standing and being used creatively.”


“It was adorable. non-denominational. Very simple interior that could go with any decorating theme I came up with. Love the windows and the room up top where the girls and I got dressed and took a few photos. Could hold our large guest list of around 200 people. Great location. (it’s RIGHT next to my work) and not too far from the reception venue. It had a sound system that we were able to use and worked great.”
“We fell in love with the vintage aspect of the Chapel, and the beauty of the building. We wanted a small, intimate feel for our wedding, and the Eisenhower Chapel was perfect! It is also incredibly reasonable to rent for events and the process was simple. Highly recommended!”
“We chose the chapel because of the idea of the cute little wedding in a cute little white chapel.”
“It was really perfect. Beautiful, simple chapel – nondenominational so it was very welcoming.”
“Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. held a Memorial ceremony for our spouses and deceased members as a part of our 68th National Gold Star Wives Convention held in Denver. Some of our members, surviving spouses who lost our husband to war, had attended the Chapel while stationed at Lowry, some had even been married there. All did know that President Eisenhower had attended services at the Chapel and were pleased to have their picture taken in his pew! It was Perfect! Gold Star Wives will talk about this wonderful venue for years to come!”