Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams has been on The Lowry Foundation Board of Directors for four years. She joined the Board because she is passionate about helping people and committed to making a difference. She was the Board’s Vice Chair for two years and is currently the Events Committee Chair. She is proud to help the Board achieve the goal of representing people of color on the board and in our service to the community. Her primary professional experience as a mid-level pediatric practitioner dovetailed nicely with her other interests in the arts. She was on the African American Task Force at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. At that time, she participated in securing August Wilson’s plays about the African American experience. She also served as the Development Director for Cleo Parker Robinson Dance.

The Lowry Foundation drew Barbara’s interest because of her family’s military history. A WWII veteran, her father was stationed overseas and always told her stories of his experience as an African American in the military. Another connection to Lowry was Barbara’s involvement in Stanley British Primary in the early days when it bought the building from the Lowry Redevelopment Agency for a dollar.

Barbara and her husband Chuck (previously an NBA and ABA player) have lived in Lowry for many years and have lived coast-to-coast.

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