Touring Lowry

A Guided Tour of Lowry 1 & 2

George Blood, research librarian with the Wings over the Rockies Museum located at the former Lowry AFB, working with the Lowry AFB Foundation, put together a tour plan for the areas known as Lowry 1 and Lowry 2.

Select the tour plan of your choice, the tour will open in a new browser window. The tour presentation, originally a PowerPoint production, has been converted to a PDF file for compatibility with HTML processes. Start at the top (1st slide), then scroll your way to the bottom one slide at a time until you reach the last slide…completing the tour.

You can either print the “Lowry 1” or “Lowry 2” maps individually to use as references while you engage the “Tour,” or you can select the browser tab in which each map appears upon selecting any of the “Map” buttons below.

Walking Tour of Lowry 1

Driving Tour of Lowry 2