Building Index – Building 357

Building 357

7653 E. 1st Place
Denver, CO 80230
[39°43’18.48″N 104°53’52.06″W]

Building 357, Lowry AFB’s Fire Department, was retained and repurposed after Base Closure as “The John Hand Theater.” The John Hand Theater is located inside the historic Lowry Air Force Base Fire Station. The main stage and backstage areas reside where fire trucks once stood at the ready.

The Firehouse Theater Company is a non-profit theatrical organization dedicated to providing a collaborative environment where actors, producers, writers, directors, crew, and all other contributors, regardless of background, experience or company affiliation, have the opportunity to learn, explore, and practice the art of theater, and is located at what is known today as the “Colorado Free University Campus ”.

#1. 21 July 1945: Lowry Field, CO, Building 357 Fire Department and Fire Truck. (Wings)
#2. Building 357; Lowry AFB’s Fire Department. (Wings)
#3. Photo date is 5 May 1941. Note bars on the windows, this was a secure building for the 1910th Communication Squadron with possible telephone switch board. (Wings)
#4. Later this building was used as the MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) center. I would guess this picture is early 1960s. (Wings)
#5. Sign showing “Colorado Free University” and “John Hand Theater”. (George Blood)
#6. October 2016; Building 357, once Lowry AFB’s Fire Department, has been re- purposed and is now the location of the “John Hand Theater,” a part of the Colorado Free University Campus. (George Blood).
#7. John Hand Theater on the left side behind the tree. (George Blood)
#8. This is John Hand Theater. (George Blood)
#9. Entrance to what was the Communication Center. Note the bars on the windos are gone and a section has been added to the left side of the building as compared to the black and white photos (compare to photo #3). Photo taken in Novemver 2016 (George Blood)
#10. Entrance to the building for comparison to early B/W photos. (George Blood)
#11. NE end of building 357. (George Blood)
#12. SW end of building 357. The building shown on the left edge of the photo is the brick barracks, bldg. 349, now the Grand Lowry Lofts.