The Lowry Foundation Events

Producing and participating in events that make Lowry a fun place for all.

You can expect great community events at the Eisenhower Chapel and around the neighborhood.
Join in these fun activities with The Lowry Foundation.

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Lowry Speaker Series:
We invite accomplished individuals to present their ideas and expertise several times yearly.

Music at the Chapel:
The sound in the Chapel is impressive, and we are fortunate to have the Colorado Symphony musicians and other local bands play during events.

Art & Architecture Tours:
Guided and self-guided tours around Lowry’s historic area are available. These are a great way to learn about the legacy of Lowry and the unique history of the architecture in our neighborhood.

Film Nights at the Chapel:
We Host film nights and offer the Chapel for film professionals to screen their movies.

Dine & Donate at local restaurants:
We are lucky to have support from Lowry’s restaurant community. In June, we hold a fundraising event at Lowry Beer Garden, and in the spring, at Walter’s.

See what’s happening around Lowry
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Lowry Foundations Events

See what’s happening around Lowry