This year, with the help of seed funding from an anonymous, generous donor, we are launching the Starbright Fund to raise money and create partnerships to invest in our community, whether it be capital improvement projects, building social connections, and/or supporting educational opportunities. As we look into the future, the Foundation is excited to serve as a catalyst that makes things happen in Lowry for years.

The Foundation will look for and fund projects that:

+ Positively impact the community. What case can be made both qualitatively and/or quantitatively that the project will make a significant and sustainable impact in the Lowry community.

+ Complement existing assets. Does the capital project complement (not conflict with) the existing environment and community design? Is the education project apolitical and inclusive?

+ Leverage partnerships. What are the incentives for partners to co-invest for increased impact and sustainability?

+ Are financially sustainable. Does the project have a financial return on investment? Does the project have enough funds for long-term maintenance?

+ Are environmentally sustainable. Does the project focus on utilizing best practices to reduce negative environmental impacts?