Now preservationists are trying to save it.

State agencies, community groups and concerned Americans are raising money to restore the historic church, aptly named Chapel 1.

Allan Tellis
Dec. 21, 2018

In order to restore and protect the exterior a historic church in Lowry that was the congregational choice for president Dwight Eisenhower when Lowry was his summer White House, the Lowry Foundation and Historic Denver are looking for a little help.

The exterior of the building has started to wear and in order to maintain the property they will have to raise $105,000 to match a grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund.

The historic church, aptly named Chapel 1, is located on the old Lowry Air Force Base. Evan Lasky, the incoming chair of the board for the Lowry Foundation, says it’s an invaluable piece of Colorado History. He noted that besides the Eisenhower connection, the significance it has had in American and more specifically, Denver’s history makes it a building worth saving.

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