We are thrilled to announce that Clark’s Market is opening in Lowry this year, and they will be The Lowry Foundation’s first Star Partner helping us to celebrate our 25th Jubilee Year. This means that Clark’s is investing in our community and joining our community as an integral partner. THANK YOU, CLARK’S TEAM!
2023 is an extraordinary year for Clark’s Market and The Lowry Foundation. Clark’s Market will open its first urban-based grocery and liquor store in Lowry’s Boulevard One. Also, the Lowry Foundation will celebrate its Jubilee Year — 25 years of service to the community this year. The juxtaposition of these two landmark events created a perfect win-win opportunity for a partnership.
During the year, we will work together on how The Lowry Foundation can best support the opening of Clark’s Market, and Clark’s Market, by virtue of this year-long partnership and will provide support for the diverse set of exciting 25th Anniversary activities that will celebrate The Lowry Foundation’s years of service.
We invite you to join with us for the many celebratory events we are planning and to support the opening in the spring of Clark’s Market!  Follow all of the details as they appear on The Lowry Foundation website.
“Although Clark’s Market hasn’t yet launched its Lowry store, it has already demonstrated
its commitment to the Lowry community and its residents. We are so lucky they are opening here.”
– Barbara Volpe, Chair of The Lowry Foundation’s Board
Please like the Clark’s Market Facebook and Instagram pages; they have amusing posts offering new recipes, party ideas, and other great nutritional tips.