2023 was a remarkable year for Lowry. The Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) has completed designing our beautiful neighborhood, and The Lowry Foundation, founded and generously supported by the LRA, celebrated its 25th Anniversary. As it sunsets, the LRA has passed the baton to The Lowry Foundation to preserve, protect, and enhance all of the things that make Lowry the special, award-winning neighborhood it is.

We are so excited to get started with our plans for 2024! Keep an eye on our social media and e-blasts for the schedule of events at the Eisenhower Chapel and neighborhood partner events. We are planning a speaker series, live music, a bike festival, and other community events this year.

The Lowry Foundation’s ongoing work includes:

  • Owning, maintaining, and making the historic Eisenhower Chapel widely available as Lowry’s community gathering place.
  • Preserving and sharing the history of the Lowry.
  • Owning and protecting the public art owned by the Foundation.
  • Elevating the life and spirit of those who live and work in Lowry through activities that support inclusion, life-long learning, history, the arts, popular culture, and wellness.
  • Building a community master plan with community input and funding projects through our Starbright Fund that enhance the quality of life in Lowry.